Bathroom Design Trends

July 5, 2016 12:00 am

Bathroom design trends in white text over a background of a bathroom with a big white tub

Modern bathroom trends are all about luxury, ease of use and technology. Heated flooring eliminates the dreaded cold tile, while floating vanities can create an artsy focal point. If you have been considering upgrading your bathroom, here are some awesome ideas:

Curbless Showers – Showers with no threshold make cleaning a breeze and offer a seamless look. Without the curb, the bathroom appears bigger and more open and provides homeowners a safety feature, as there is nothing to trip over.

Floating Vanities – With a customizable height, floating vanities provide ease of use to fit any homeowner’s needs. Additionally, they have the ability to appear as more of a piece of art than a vanity.

Three-Dimensional Tile3-D tile is available in fun patterns and colors and can add a statement to any bathroom. It gives a slightly retro feel to spice up your space.

MediaElectronics are becoming more and more popular in bathrooms. Speakers are being worked into showerheads and bathroom mirrors, while TVs are starting to show up in showers.

Heated Flooring – Radiant floor heating is all the rage, eliminating cold tile floors. The heating comes in the form of electric mats under the flooring and hydronic systems that run water through pipes. This type of heating works best with natural stone and tiles because their thermal properties help hold the heat.

For more bathroom design trends, click here. If your current bathroom has you longing for more space or the kind of upgrade that only a move to a new home can provide, let’s talk about your options soon! Rates are low and it may be the perfect time to find the home of your dreams!