Bathtub and Shower Trends

July 26, 2016 12:00 am

Bathtub and shower trends white text with the background being an open shower
If you long for a more luxurious shower or bath to wake you up in the mornings or help you relax at night, there are plenty of options for upgrading. From awesome shower heads that turn your shower into a tropical wonderland to beautiful tubs that create a happy oasis, the bathroom of your dreams may be easier than you imagine.

Check out some of the many bathtub and shower trends happening in homes:

Infinity bathtubs – Spa-like bathtubs allow water to constantly overflow the edge of the tub into a surrounding channel. A pump recirculates the water back into the tub while an in-line heater keeps it nice and warm. 

Oversized showers – Many homeowners are foregoing bathtubs and installing king-size showers in their bathrooms. These showers often have multiple showerheads as well as body sprays for an invigorating clean!

Shower seatsModern showers often feature built-in seats that allow you a place to sit and relax, shave your legs, or just enjoy the luxurious experience of your shower.

Steam showersSteam showers are becoming more popular as they create a therapeutic and relaxing environment. These usually combine the features of oversized showers and shower seats, often with seat warmers. 

Statement bathtub materials – Stone and metal are becoming very popular materials for bathrooms, turning bathtubs into statement pieces and focal points of design.

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